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It has become a tradition in the tri-state area where our store is located. lf you break your eyeglasses or have problems that your eye care practitioner can’t help you with , they’ll send you to Sturgeon's Optical. They don't mind if you purchased your eyewear somewhere else, they will fix it. People will drive literally hundreds of miles to the repair center and have a pair of frames repaired, not only because of the low flat rate charges but because it is often such a hassle to get a new pair of eyeglasses that work as well as the ones they are wearing.

Sometimes they just love the frame that broke because of the way it fit or looks on them. Maybe they just can't afford a new pair at the time.

There are many reasons to have a pair of eyeglasses repaired and if your living in the tri-state area of WV, KY, OH and “River Cities” you’ll probably end up at the repair center of Sturgeon’s Optical. “We really are an old fashion optical store that cares about the people we see and not just the card in their pocket ",

There are also a lot of people who own antique or vintage period eyewear, that need them adjusted or worked on from time to time that don't trust the high school type kid you find at corporate optical stores to work on these antiques. "We have the hands on experience to fix and recondition this type of eyewear ".

You can also have a new prescription glazed into these vintage frames if you choose without the worry that they will be destroyed by inexperienced handlers or that the optician will flat out refuse to fill the Rx in this type of frame.  If it can be done, Sturgeon’s Optical can do it!

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Your staff is the best we have ever had to make our glasses and test our eyes. We appreciate you so much.

Roger and Opal Bonecutter
Barboursville, WV

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